Shelanous, a gem among Melbourne’s hidden restaurants, offers a visual feast with each dish from our 10 Degustation menu & matching beverages.
Perfect for those seeking date ideas Melbourne or group activities Melbourne, we stand out among fun restaurants Melbourne for our visually stunning Melbourne dining experiences.
As one of the most unique restaurants Melbourne has, every dish is a journey, making us a top choice for dining.


Shelanous resonates with the rhythms of Melbourne’s seasons.
As a top dinner show Melbourne venue, our blend of music and ambient sounds creates an inviting atmosphere.
The harmonious blend of sounds at Shelanous adds to the sensory delight.
Whether you’re exploring fun things to do in Melbourne or seeking a unique dining experience in Melbourne’s CBD, the sounds of Shelanous will make your visit memorable.
Our soundscape is carefully curated to enhance the overall dining experience, making us a standout among hidden restaurants Melbourne.


At Shelanous, our 10 Degustation menu & matching beverages offer a culinary journey through Melbourne’s seasons.
As a standout in Melbourne’s fine dining circuit, we cater to fun dining experiences Melbourne seekers and Middle Eastern food Melbourne connoisseurs.
Recognized as one of the Melbourne kosher restaurants, we welcome all guests, including those with halal dietary requirements.
Our degustation menu sets us apart in the Melbourne dining scene, offering a unique taste experience.


Experience the touch of luxury at Shelanous, where our summer-inspired decor and winter’s cozy ambiance contribute to a memorable date night or group activities for adults in Melbourne.
Every detail at Shelanous is thoughtfully designed to enhance your comfort and contribute to the overall dining experience.
We are more than just a kosher restaurant in Melbourne; we are a destination for those seeking fun activities in Melbourne for adults.
Our commitment to creating a comfortable and luxurious dining environment makes us a top choice for fine dining Melbourne.


Step into Shelanous, a leading restaurant in Melbourne, and be enveloped by an array of seasonal aromas.
The olfactory delight at Shelanous sets us apart from other kosher restaurants Melbourne, offering an immersive dinner and show Melbourne experience.
Our aromatic landscape is a journey itself, adding to the uniqueness of fun places to eat Melbourne.
The enticing aromas that fill our restaurant provide a tantalizing preview of the culinary delights that await, making us a standout among unique restaurants Melbourne.

Meet the Chef

Globe-trotting chef Rony Parienty brings his culinary odyssey to Melbourne with a new fine-dining haven. His travels across France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel and Spain infuse his dishes with a unique blend of classic techniques and contemporary flair. Expect an immersive experience that tantalizes all five senses, from the elegant ambiance and attentive service to artfully plated courses bursting with fresh, local flavors. Prepare to embark on a journey where every bite is a revelation, a testament to Rony’s passion for creating unforgettable culinary memories.

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